Fight, Flight, and Cortisol Spike!

September 17, 2018 meaningfulmillion

Fight, Flight, and Cortisol Spike!

I know you’ve heard that pretty much everything is bad for you and will cause weight gain – everything from eggs to Diet Soda to too many sit-ups to not enough – it takes several PhDs to unravel the mysteries of the body and figure out what actually is good for you – how to live your life the best, and feel great. That’s our goal – not just to look a certain way (though being magazine models sounds like fun – especially if it comes with a free pair of Louboutins), but to expand our lives in all ways; and to feel confident in what we do. Our greatest strength comes from within – but what can we do about our pesky outsides not catching up?

Unfortunately, standard exercise doesn’t take into account a lot of bodily processes. Back in caveman times, people ran for their lives – not to achieve a healthy lifestyle balance! Because of this, our bodies evolved to flood our systems in cortisol when we were under stress – both physically and mentally.

Cortisol is excreted by the adrenal glands, and it’s pretty awesome. It boosts our fight-or-flight response; and makes us focus harder, run faster, and think clearer – for a little while.

When we were cavemen, our lives depended on snap decisions. We had to think fast to get away from predators, and when we did, our cortisol levels spiked to make sure we were clear-headed when performing those actions. As soon as the Moment Of Terror was over, though, our cortisol levels dropped back down to normal.

Most exercise regimens don’t take that into account – cortisol levels are not meant to be maintained at a heightened level, and keeping your body in a soup of cortisol actually stresses it more! When you exercise hard for a long period of time and without stopping, your body thinks that it hasn’t stopped being in danger yet. It starts to conserve resources – and to make you crave sugars to give you the energy to keep the cycle going. If it lets up, well, you might get eaten by a pterodactyl.

The fitness answer to this – and one we use a lot in KlikFit – is breaks in between the stress of exercising. Before you hit the cortisol spike, we’ll stop! This gives your body time to realize that it’s doing okay – training you up for modern day. Because of this, the cravings for sugar never come; and the post-workout exhaustion is exhilaration instead.

But you don’t have to trust my words – we have a free week available to you right now to take our classes and figure out the kind of workout that works best for you. We’re all about helping you meet your goals!

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