KLIKFIT™ is the only fitness program of its kind. Think of it as the next evolution of Circuit Training…and then some. It’s rooted in a specific type of HIIT (high intensity interval training) that centers on a schedule of focused movements performed every minute on the minute (EMOM). This allows us to combine quick, easy-to-learn, high-intensity movements immediately followed by a period of rest. This science-based training method gives your body the perfect balance of muscle building and fat burning all by suppressing the stress hormone, cortisol.


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Think of it like the older, wiser sibling of Circuit Training. We’ve designed the KLIKFIT training program to combine Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM) and cardio movements for a group class experience for real people with real lives. You push as hard as you can for a single movement, then you rest. This allows for optimal physical output and calorie burn, with sufficient time for recovery. This ensures your cortisol levels are never allowed to spike. Get a full body workout every time; burning fat, changing the way we look and feel, and improving overall fitness levels and cardio health. All delivered with the same attention to detail as Personal Training, packaged in a fun, group fitness environment.

KLIK™ Start warmups will always include a cardio component designed to increase your heartrate and get your body burning fat for the duration of the workout. You’ll also get a feel for the rotation of movements on the minute.
The core of a KLIKFIT™ class is centered around three series, each containing a specific number of movements as instructed by your KLIK™ STARTER. Each series is made up of two-to-four different movements, alternating with periods of rest. Each minute starts with a high-intensity movement, the amount determined by your KLIK™ STARTER in each class. When you’ve completed your movements, you rest until the minute ends. Then you start the next movement and repeat. Each class will be different, so you’re always getting an ideal, full-body workout and are never bored.
Class ends with your KLIK™ Finish cool down for muscle recovery. Stretch it out and replenish with KLIK™ Supplements.


When we push too hard for too long, our bodies get stressed, releasing cortisol, the “fight or flight” response hormone. While great in an extreme moment of need, sustained cortisol release has many negative side effects, including weight gain. That’s why we designed the KLIKFIT™ program to work with your body, keeping cortisol levels low. The immediate periods of rest following each burst of movement allow your body to burn fat without elevating your cortisol levels.