Wellness vs. Fitness – A Holistic Approach

October 4, 2018 meaningfulmillion

Wellness vs. Fitness – A Holistic Approach

When I first started my fitness lifestyle, I was the kind of nightmare gym member everyone came to resent. My goals were high – a million crunches in a row? No problem. Chin-ups until I passed out? Yes, please. I had this idea in my head that working out meant that I had to stick to some kind of Olympian-in-training regimen; to treat my body not as a temple, but as a machine with a single goal – of being the very best, no matter the cost to my health or my body.

At some point, I had the realization that none of this was actually healthy. I studied quite a bit on how the types of brutal exercise I was taking part in actually reduced overall wellness and, most importantly, personal happiness. I thought that in order for a routine to be beneficial, it had to be relentless – but I was wrong. What’s healthy, and what gives great results without sacrificing your well-being begins with an EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) workout.

Constantly moving at breakneck speed is not something that you can maintain forever. Imagine it in real terms – like running without ever stopping at all; only slowing down. You wear down your heart; your muscles are constantly being shredded and rebuilding; your body only knows one mode – high stress.

EMOM exercises, on the other hand, push you to a limit and then stop. There’s an opportunity to recuperate; to reassess; to allow your body to reach its full potential rather than push it beyond wellness and cause damage instead.

Your life is not a competition, or a fight. It’s a balance to your busy life – one where you don’t have to sacrifice your family life or your work life. With KlikFit, you can be a whole person.

In order to help you attain these goals, we offer more than just a gym experience. We offer supplements, nutrition counseling, meal planning – and we are ready to help you work fitness into your life rather than have a life of only fitness.

On October 6th, we are offering three classes for a Junior League event, and we’d love for you to stop by and see what KlikFit is all about. We are offering discounts on merchandise from apparel brands including Varley, DYI, and Michi – so you don’t lose your style just because you’re revamping your life. We’ll also have Rebuilt Meals – a subscription gourmet meal service – on-hand with free samples, and lots of deals and advice for the upcoming holidays.

We are ready for you – and we hope to see you there.